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It's Time to Think the Philippines Energy Future

20 Dec. 2013

Philippines Renergy System Inc. lauds the Filipino spirit in coping with the devastation brought by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).
The resilient nature of Filipinos is definitely stronger than any earthquake or typhoon.

Now more than ever are the evident times for every business, every nation, everyone to contribute in de-carbonizing our global energy system and reduce the risks of human-induced climate change. Right now, the carbon dioxide concentration in our atmosphere is at its highest level in the last 3 million years - nothing could be more confirming of a climate system completely modified by human activity.

Renergy System products serve as a technology platform to contribute to the de-carbonization of our energy system.
To date, Renergy System has been successfully installed on diesel engines such as Power Generator Sets, Passenger Bus transport and Agricultural Farming equipment.
Factual data is available on the reduction of operational costs that involve heavy consumption of diesel fuels through the use of Renergy System's patented technology.

We at Renergy System continue to find the feasible application of sustainable energy sources while reducing fossil-based energy dependence through products that will empower people's lives now and in the future.

For more information on how Renergy System can help in reducing your diesel fuel costs and de-carbonization efforts, please get in touch with us thru our contact details for a FREE trial installation of our product.