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GeneratorGenerator (Philippines)

Reduce fuel consumption by 70%.

We installed Renergy System(KG-1000) to this 150kVA Generator. Renergy System use waste cooking oil as main fuel in the generator and it succeeded in cutting 70% of diesel fuel.

In addition, many other installation examples for generator are there:
Installation Example

Construction Machinery

ExcavatorExcavator (Japan)

Reduce fuel consumption by 60%.

This hydraulic excavator used diesel fuel at first.
When we loaded RENERGY SYSTEM and its engine used blended fuel as fuel, it succeeded in cutting 60% of diesel fuel.

User's Voice
"I was worried that the excavator would lose power, when it used blended fuel as fuel. However, in fact it worked as powerful as that of diesel fuel operation."

Agricultural Machinery

TractorTractor (Japan)

There are no noticeable changes in performance.

RENERGY SYSTEM installed in front of this tractor and the control panel installed near the driver's seat.

User's Voice
"Even if the tractor changed to blended fuel operation, I didn't notice at all. It was equal to that of diesel fuel operation in noise, vibration and power."

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